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SEE - Skills for Education
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SEE Program Overview

NORTEC delivers the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program, a free program for eligible participants.

NORTEC’s delivery of this program abides by and is regulated by a Provider Code of Conduct.

The SEE program provides tailored training and support to empower participants to build the skills and confidence they need to achieve their learning and employment goals.

The SEE program provides eligible job seekers with accredited training to improve their access to successful employment and further education. It is funded by the Australian Government and is designed to improve the employability of eligible job seekers through developing and strengthening their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

The aim of the Program is for prepare job seekers to be job-ready.

The Program provides language, literacy and numeracy training to eligible job seekers, to help them to participate more effectively in training or in the workforce.

The Skills for Education and Employment Program offers:

  • A pathway to employment or further vocational training;
  • Assistance in reading, writing, numeracy, oral communication and digital skills (within the Australian Core Skills Framework);
  • A vocational training and employment plan;
  • Development in entry level digital literacy and employability skills;
  • Flexibility in classroom access; and
  • Individualised learning plans.

The SEE program can also be a stepping stone towards further study and a qualification and is suitable also for those with a non-English Speaking background. The program offers initial, basic and advanced streams of training.

SEE is different to school. It provides:

  • One-on-one tutoring & mentoring
  • Working in small groups
  • A relaxed, friendly and supportive learning environment
  • Qualified, experienced trainers
  • The flexibility to work at your own pace including learning from home
  • Tailored training to suit individual needs, goals and interests.




The SEE program is available to eligible job seekers who want to develop their language, literacy, numeracy, computer skills or employability skills as a pathway to work or higher education.

SEE caters to:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Youth
  • People with disabilities
  • Mature-aged people
  • Jobseekers with cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • SEE is for anyone eligible aged 15 – pension aged

To be eligible for a referral to the SEE program job seekers must:

  • be of working age (15 years and above)
  • be registered as a job seeker with Department of Human Services and looking for full time work
  • not be a full-time student
  • be deemed suitable for the program with a capacity to benefit.

Eligible job seekers are referred to the program through Referring Agencies, including the Department of Human Services, Workforce Australia Services, Disability Employment Services, the Community Development Program, Transition to Work, and ParentsNext providers.