Our Social Return on Investment

As a community-owned and focused organisation

NORTEC is committed to making a positive social and economic difference for those living and working in our region. We aim to create opportunities directly through employment, education and training, small business development and community programs and partnerships.
Social Return on Investment - Jobs Placed

40,393 Jobs Placed

Since 2009, NORTEC Staffing Solutions has placed 40,393 people into sustainable employment in our region. In partnership with the Federal Government through the jobactive program, we’re looking to create opportunities and inspire futures for a record-number of people this year! If you’re seeking employment, register here now and a NORTEC Staffing Solutions representative will get in touch to discuss the opportunities we can help create for you. If you’re an employer looking to fill a permanent, part-time or contract position, you can lodge your job vacancy and a NORTEC Staffing Solutions representative will get in contact with you to discuss your needs and find the right candidate for you and your business.

Staffing Solutions

8,503 Qualifications Awarded

Through NORTEC Training Solutions, we have helped 8,503 people excel in their field of study. NORTEC Training Solutions provide a quality level of training to upskill you in your field, or help you change careers. If you’re an individual seeking training, check out the qualifications we have on offer, or contact NORTEC Training Solutions to find out which training is right for you. If you’re an employer looking for group training for employees, contact NORTEC Training Solutions for information on which qualification is right for your staff to help them grow their skills, knowledge and ability to help your business grow.

Training Solutions

Social Return on Investment - Qualifications Awarded

Small Businesses Assisted

1024 Small Businesses Assisted

NORTEC Small Business Solutions is committed solely to promoting small business success, evidenced by their history and first-hand involvement in the small business community before joining NORTEC Small Business Solutions. NORTEC Small Business Solutions delivers several programs and initiatives to help small business in Northern NSW reach their goal and achieve profitability and growth. Through theNew Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), our Small Business Workshops and Mentoring programs, it is our business to help your business achieve the very best.

Small Business Solutions

Approx. $507,322 invested since 2009

NORTEC Community Solutions is dedicated to working with other organisations and directly with community leaders to deliver NORTEC community initiatives and government-funded programs. Bi-annually, NORTEC Community Solutions provides a Community Grant Initiative of up to $40,000. This initiative is open to all community organisations or events between Mid-Northern NSW and South-East QLD. In addition to this, NORTEC Community Solutions continues to invest in local organisations that service our community – from local sports and surf lifesaving clubs, hospitals, as well as supporting events and activities that encourage positive social and economic growth in our region.

Community Solutions

Community Solutions - Social Return on Investment