NORTEC Business Connect Supports Rebel Curls in Overcoming a Natural Disaster

Rebel Curls, a beloved local hairdressing salon in Lismore, had built a reputation for their expertise in catering to the unique needs of curly hair. Their passionate team of stylists had cultivated a loyal customer base who relied on their knowledge and skill to embrace and enhance their natural curls. However, the business faced unprecedented challenges that threatened its existence and forced it to reassess its operations.

In 2022, the salon fell victim to the devastating Lismore Floods, resulting in severe damage to its premises and equipment. This unexpected natural disaster forced the business to halt operations temporarily, causing significant financial losses and operational disruptions.

To compound matters, Rebel Curls had to confront the ongoing trading difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The salon’s traditional model of in-person hairdressing services was no longer sustainable in the face of social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions. The business needed to quickly adapt its approach and explore alternative avenues for generating revenue.

NORTEC’s Business Connect Advisors to the Rescue

Recognising the urgent need for assistance, Rebel Curls turned to NORTEC’s Business Connect program for guidance and support. NORTEC assigned a skilled and experienced NORTEC Advisor, Tony Brindley, to collaborate closely with the business and devise effective solutions to help Rebel Curls overcome their challenges.

Following the initial crisis management, Tony Brindley, a digital expert within the Business Connect team, stepped in to support Rebel Curls in transforming their business model. Tony provided essential guidance on transitioning from a traditional hair salon to a primarily online business focused on selling products tailored to curly hair.

Outcomes Achieved

With NORTEC’s support and strategic guidance, Rebel Curls achieved remarkable outcomes that not only helped them survive but also positioned them for substantial growth:

  1. Comprehensive Website Enhancement: The Advisors undertook a thorough review of Rebel Curls’ website, ensuring it reflected the brand’s identity and effectively communicated their expertise. They optimised the site for search engines (SEO), revamped the content to be more engaging, and incorporated informative blog posts to attract and engage their target audience.
  2. Expanding Marketing Channels: Rebel Curls experienced a significant boost in market penetration by leveraging NORTEC’s recommendations. The business capitalised on the Buy from a Bush business Facebook group, effectively promoting their products to a vast and engaged community. Additionally, Rebel Curls established a store on the Spend With Us marketplace, opening up a new sales channel and expanding their customer reach.
  3. Streamlined Stock Management: NORTEC helped Rebel Curls implement efficient stock management controls across their website and the Spend With Us marketplace. This synchronisation ensured accurate inventory tracking, minimised errors, and optimised their ability to fulfil customer orders promptly.
  4. Increased Customer Traffic: The combined efforts of website optimisation, enhanced content, and engaging blog posts resulted in a noticeable increase in customer traffic to Rebel Curls’ online platform. This heightened visibility and improved online presence translated into more opportunities for sales and business growth.
  5. Evergreen Content Creation: NORTEC’s support empowered Rebel Curls to create high-quality evergreen content that would continue to attract and engage customers.

The collaboration between NORTEC and Rebel Curls exemplifies the transformative impact that strategic support and innovative digital solutions can have on a business facing adversity. By embracing change, leveraging digital platforms, and refining their online presence, Rebel Curls now stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the value of partnership.

NORTEC’s Business Connect program remains committed to empowering businesses like Rebel Curls, helping them thrive and grow despite challenging circumstances. Through tailored guidance, expert advice, and innovative strategies, NORTEC continues to support businesses in reaching their full potential and achieving sustainable success.

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