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How to Re-enter the Workforce After Time Away

Did you travel the world? Raise a family? Focus on your studies? Regardless of why you took time off work, getting back into the swing of things to earn an income can be a stressful experience. This is especially true if you don’t have the necessary support to help you re-enter the workforce with confidence.

Developing your employability skills can help you succeed in finding the right job or to pick up where you left off. Here’s how you can do it.


Know your skills

Everyone has a unique set of skills that they can bring to a particular industry. If you think your skills are outdated or not aligned with the industry you want to work in, it is key to assess what skills you currently have to offer.

Any experience, including family care, volunteering, sports, or even managing a household, are all valuable skills that can be refined even further to benefit your future employer.

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Upgrade Your Skillset

If it’s been a while since you last worked or used your skills in a professional setting, perhaps you need a refresher on your core skills, such as reading, writing, numeracy, and technology. Improving these skills will help you participate more effectively and make a positive impact in training and in the workforce.

If these skills require a refresh to get you back into shape, you can look at ways of acquiring a formal qualification or upgrade an existing qualification to set yourself apart from the competition. This will also show future employers you are truly competent.

For those looking for a complete career change, there are other options available, such as starting an apprenticeship or traineeship or even retraining for a totally new industry that you are unfamiliar with.


Establish Work/Life Balance

Finding work/life balance is something we all dream of, and it’s not impossible. For those needing more work/life balance, such as new parents, starting part-time or casual work is another way to get back into employment with fewer restrictions.

This type of work can also help you learn new skills, provide additional income, and give you a better chance of finding a full-time position in the future. It’s also a great opportunity to build work relationships and network with others.


Get Help From An Expert

The one thing to remember is you do not have to do this alone.

There are many experts with the knowledge and skills to help guide you on how to best present yourself to an employer, which jobs might be appropriate for you to apply for, and to build your confidence to ensure you are successful in your interview process. What could be better than to learn from the pros themselves?

How we can help 

NORTEC provides you with direct support when finding a job and/or training options that improve your employability while also building your confidence to pursue your next role.



About The Skills For Education & Employment (SEE) Program

As the Australian Government’s primary program for improving your language, literacy, numeracy, and digital skills, the SEE Program wants you to succeed. It is perfect for those who need a skill refresh after being out of the workforce for some time.

With the SEE Program, you can feel equipped with the necessary skills to apply to your chosen job with optimal performance. The accredited trainers, flexible learning options, and potential for fast employment or additional training are the key benefits of the SEE Program, which is here to help you transition back into the workforce smoothly.




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