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How Business Connect Transformed Gold Coast Campervans’ Marketing Strategy

Gold Coast Campervans

Jodie, an experienced accountant, embarked on a transformative journey around Australia in a campervan. Inspired by her adventures, she decided to establish Gold Coast Campervan Hire upon her return. Over the last four years, her business flourished, expanding from three to four campervans, catering to holidaymakers seeking memorable travel experiences.

During this period, Jodie faced significant challenges, including limited time to focus on marketing tasks and the frustration of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms. She lacked confidence in determining which platforms to utilise effectively and what marketing content to share to generate impactful calls to action.


NORTEC’s Business Connect Support

To address these challenges, Jodie sought guidance from NORTEC’s Business Connect program. One of our seasoned Business Connect Advisors collaborated closely with Jodie to develop a comprehensive 12-month marketing plan with a specific focus on Instagram and Facebook. Initially sceptical about the value of a marketing plan, Jodie soon realised that it offered a strategic roadmap for creating engaging content.

Recognising the need to save time and alleviate the burden of content creation, Jodie made the decision to outsource the monthly blog posts, which could be repurposed into compelling social media content.



Achieving Remarkable Outcomes

Armed with her tailored marketing plan, Jodie began implementing the strategies outlined, resulting in significant positive outcomes for Gold Coast Campervans:

  1. Time-Saving: The marketing plan provided Jodie with a structured framework that allowed her to efficiently allocate time and resources to marketing activities. This newfound efficiency freed up valuable time, enabling her to focus on other crucial aspects of her business.
  2. Confident Social Media Presence: Jodie gained confidence in curating captivating social media content and learned how to utilise various tools effectively. With NORTEC’s guidance, she harnessed the power of Instagram and Facebook to engage her target audience and generate meaningful calls to action.
  3. Streamlined Content Creation: By outsourcing the writing of monthly blog posts, Jodie significantly reduced the stress of content creation. These blog posts could be repurposed into engaging social media content, saving time while maximising the reach and impact of her marketing efforts.
  4. Increased Bookings: Armed with a well-defined marketing strategy, Jodie developed compelling call-to-action strategies for slow hiring periods. These strategies effectively captured the attention of potential customers, leading to a noticeable increase in bookings and revenue.
  5. Enhanced Skills and Confidence: Through the support and guidance of NORTEC’s Business Connect Advisor, Jodie developed valuable skills in marketing and gained confidence in her ability to effectively promote her business. This newfound expertise empowered her to expand her business further.

Jodie’s journey with NORTEC’s Business Connect program exemplifies the transformative impact that strategic marketing support can have on a growing business. By embracing a structured approach, outsourcing certain tasks, and developing engaging content, Jodie successfully increased leads, sales, and business growth while saving time and reducing stress.

NORTEC’s commitment to empowering businesses like Gold Coast Campervans through expert guidance and tailored strategies remains steadfast. By leveraging their expertise, businesses can overcome challenges, amplify their online presence, and achieve remarkable success.


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