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Glen Gowrie Distillery Transformation in Glen Innes

Glen Gowrie Distillery is a key business in the Glen Innes area of NSW’s Northern Tablelands. Led by David Scott and Susie Snodgrass, this distillery is making a name for itself in agriculture and tourism. Unlike others, they make spirits from a variety of ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and molasses. Their focus is on quality and local collaboration.

Facing challenges like Covid-19, the distillery turned to NORTEC Business Connect for help. David’s expertise in plant science, combined with Susie’s community focus, helped them use Business Connect’s tools, workshops, and advice effectively. They were always looking for new ideas and ways to fit into the bigger economic picture. Their strategies included a unique business model, digital tactics, and smart use of social media, all supported by the local community.

The distillery showed great flexibility, especially during the pandemic. They quickly started making hand sanitiser from their existing supplies. This move showed their ability to spot trends and turn them into smart business moves. Their next plan is to create a tourist spot, adding more value to the Glen Innes region. Their success comes from their innovative spirit, scientific approach, and support from Business Connect.

The project for Glen Gowrie Distillery is an example of how innovation, hard work, and smart planning can lead to success. Their growth, aided by Business Connect, is an inspiration to other regional businesses. It shows that with the right ideas, resources, and determination, businesses can overcome obstacles and contribute to their communities and industries.

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