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How the SEE program can help you grow your skill set to find meaningful employment.

After high school, it can be difficult choosing your next step. Entering the workforce, going to university, or beginning an apprenticeship are some of the most popular routes for young adults, and they all have their own pros and cons.

However, an increasing number of students are looking to continue their education outside of the traditional school environment, with research showing this traditional environment doesn’t work for everyone.

If you left school early, or it didn’t resonate with you, there are other ways you can learn that take a different approach, like NORTEC’s Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program.

Through the SEE program, young adults have access to accredited tutors and flexible schedules that work with and for them, to improve literacy, numeracy, language, and digital skills. 

Students are able to boost their knowledge and confidence through SEE, and afterwards, utilise NORTEC’s recruitment expertise and solutions to enter the career they’re most passionate about.



About the program

Run by the Australian Government, SEE is designed to help job seekers improve their core skills and employability. The program also helps people become better equipped to set and achieve more ambitious goals. 

The program prides itself on inclusivity and is built to support students from diverse backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people with disabilities, youth, mature-aged students, and job seekers from different cultures. 

As an added benefit, the program is designed to adjust to your needs. Life is complicated and balancing different commitments can be difficult. There are circumstances that mean a standard timetable wouldn’t work, but with SEE, that won’t get in the way of a quality education. With different locations and schedules available for study, you are able to learn in a way that suits you.


More than what’s in the textbook

SEE isn’t just about improving your core skills. The program has a dual focus on employability—building the attributes that will make you stand out as a prime candidate in your field. The program builds and improves skills such as: 

  • Time management
  • Accountability 
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Communication

These are not necessarily things you learn through the typical high school system. They’re found through hands-on, tailored, interactive learning—the kind offered in the SEE program. 

With SEE, you’ll have tutors that work with you to determine the best way for you to learn effectively. You are able to work in small groups with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, and you will benefit from the direct support of NORTEC’s qualified trainers.


Finding meaningful employment after the program

Not only will the SEE program provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the workforce, but through NORTEC’s extensive recruitment network, you’ll find exciting job opportunities as a direct result of the program. 

NORTEC works with businesses to fill temporary and permanent positions across different industries, linking you together with businesses that need positions filled. This is a win-win situation: employers get people who are passionate and eager to work, and you can kick-start your career in a supportive environment.

NORTEC fills both administrative and specialty positions and has a deep understanding of the local employment market, so whatever passion you’ve found or honed through the SEE program, NORTEC is well-placed to find you a job you’ll enjoy. 



Look ahead to get ahead

The SEE program is an exciting path to build on your education and find meaningful employment. So, if you’re finding it difficult to choose your next step in life, enrol in the SEE program and take the first step toward finding your future.

There are many exciting paths to choose from when you’re deciding on your career. Taking the time to look at different options now will benefit you in the long run, and with many unique pathways to explore, you can find what’s right for you.


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SEE Program
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