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Getting Started

Find out what to expect when searching job opportunities.

Finding a job is tough. Finding the perfect job is even tougher.

Sometimes expectation does not meet reality. This does not mean that we want you to take a job that you will hate.

With support and training (if needed), it won’t be long before your newly acquired skills will earn you your next promotion and an even bigger pay packet. Once you’re on the road to independence all that will be left for us to do is celebrate your success.

Your First Appointment

  • For all appointment scheduling enquiries, please call us on          1800 667 832
  • Bring your resume (if you have one), MyGov account details (if you have one) and Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN).
  • Bring your Driver’s license (if you have one), copies of any qualifications and any other relevant documents that will assist us in identifying your situation.
  • Expect us to try and earn (not demand) your trust. We understand that meeting anyone for the first time can be unsettling. It is even more unsettling having to tell your story to a complete stranger. We will move at your pace and don’t want to make you feel even more uncomfortable.
  • Expect us to ask you some questions. We are here to support and assist you to find a job. We can only do that if we understand who you are, what you can do and what you would like to do. If you are able to communicate openly with us, we can help you find your next job.
  • Ask us questions. We don’t expect to earn your trust without you knowing who we are, what we do and why we want to help you. Feel free to ask us any questions that you like. If we have the information available we will answer you directly and transparently. If we don’t have the answer (which does happen), we will tell you and then focus on finding out how we can get you an answer.

How We Can Help You

We can provide you with direct support to find a job and/or training options to improve your employability and help build your confidence to pursue your next role.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To support and assist you in finding your next job we need to know who you are, what you can do and what you would like to do. The information you provide about yourself helps ensure we make the right match between you and jobs on offer.

We can provide Fee-free recruitment services as we are government funded and our staff are experienced in both local job markets and matching candidates. NORTEC Recruitment works with Workforce Australia Services to provide wage subsides and Employment Fund support for eligible jobseekers.

We can organise certificates, licenses, and other training to get you job ready EG Forklift certificates, white card, traffic control cards.