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Finding reliable people is the most common challenge for any business owner or decision-maker. Our candidates are motivated and eager to add value to your business.

We offer:

Government funded recruitment

Commercial recruitment

What We Can Do

We can help you find the right staff and prepare your new team member for their job while you stay focused on your business goals. We won’t charge you a cent if the successful candidate is ours.

Our contract to deliver the jobactive program also enables us to provide you and your new employee with support and assistance for up to six months after they commence with you.

We also offer Commercial Labour Hire, temporary staffing and professional fee-for-service solutions at competitive rates that can assist your business.

To find out more, please contact us.

Government Funded Recruitment

We offer a no-fee jobactive recruitment service in partnership with the Federal Government from Northern NSW to South East Queensland.

Jobactive is Australia’s primary employment services program designed to provide support to most job seekers who are in receipt of unemployment benefits. We work with employers to help find suitable candidates for vacancies and to give disadvantaged job seekers job starts.

With a strong understanding of local labour markets, we will work with you to understand and meet your staffing needs. We can:

  • Refer potential employees for your business who are ready for a real work environment
  • Provide support after your new employee starts work and as they settle into the job
  • Provide wage subsidies for eligible job seekers who are mature aged (over 50), long-term unemployed, Indigenous, under 30 years of age, or a parent

We may even be able to assist job seekers to get and keep a job by accessing the Employment Fund. This pool of funds may be able to pay for work-related items, professional services, relevant training and support after they start work which may assist your business.

Lodge a Job Vacancy

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    Commercial Recruitment

    We assist businesses in planning, sourcing, developing and managing your workforce to free up time and reduce hassle. We offer Temporary, Permanent and Labour Hire Solutions.

    Quality, competent staff often make the difference in the smooth day to day running of a business. Confident and skilled people able to work under instruction but with minimal supervision are a plus for any business and allow management to perform, reassured they have the backup they need.

    Recruiting such staff is no easy feat. Have you ever added up the hidden costs of recruiting staff yourself? What is the hourly rate of the people doing the recruitment, the number of hours spent, how many people are involved and do you have the necessary processes in place to attract and determine the right person for the job?

    Whether you are looking for one staff member or one hundred, our commercial placement and temporary labour hire services can accommodate your needs.

    Our service covers a large range of sectors including:

    • Accounting & Finance
    • Engineering & Technical
    • IT
    • Trades
    • Business Support & Call Centre
    • Government
    • Manufacturing
    • Transport & Logistics
    • Construction
    • Human Resources
    • Procurement

    Our temporary labour hire service could be the answer for your business. If your workload has suddenly increased, you have experienced a sudden staff shortage or extended holidays need to be covered.

    We minimise your paperwork and insurance costs by covering your staff member’s payroll and legalities and simply invoice you (at a very reasonable rate).  Our rates include:

    • Base payrate
    • Casual Loading
    • Superannuation
    • Workers Compensation

    Whether you require a staff member for a week or for months, we’ve got you covered.

    Our placement service takes the unknown out of recruiting permanent staff.  Our intensive candidate capture process includes:

    • Advertising on major job search sites
    • Thorough background and reference checking – we make sure the resume matches the person
    • Skills Testing where required – computer software skills, typing tests
    • Pre-interviewing of candidates – experienced interviewing techniques take the guess work out of finding the right skills and culture fit for your team

    Our rates are highly competitive, and it if doesn’t work out, we offer a guarantee to replace the staff member, at no cost*.

    Call us on 1800 255 878 to discuss your needs and how we can assist, or alternatively, email us at with your enquiry.

    Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

    *Conditions apply.

    Partner With Us

    We connect those around us with the resources and relationships that enable value to be created.

    We partner with businesses and organisations that seek to create and sustain value. ‘Successfully linking people and knowledge through our networks is how we identify and capture opportunities in new and creative ways.

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    Employer Support

    Our partnership approach and service focus mean that you as an employer can leave the stress and time-consuming process of recruitment to us.

    We source and prepare our candidates so that you don’t have to. Via jobactive, we continue to provide you and your new employee with support for up to six months after they have started with you.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Jobactive is the Australian Government’s way to get more Australians into work. NORTEC deliver jobactive services under contract to the Australian Government and this is how we are able to provide Fee-free recruitment to Employers and Businesses.

    Yes, although some jobactive participants are under-employed.  This means that they may hold temporary, casual or part-time work that does not provide enough income to support their basic needs. The benefit to hiring a jobactive participant is that you will gain the services of a motivated employee who will be supported by our post-placement team throughout their first six months of employment.

    No. There is no greater risk in hiring a jobactive participant than there is in hiring someone who is currently employed. People are people. Plenty of people who are currently employed are unreliable and/or delivering the bare minimum, which is not always able to be identified by employers during an interview or screening process.

    A person can be unemployed for any number of reasons – they may have had to take time off to care for a family member with a long-term illness or raise a family.

    It is common knowledge that it is more difficult to secure a job if you are already unemployed. Most jobactive participants are simply seeking an opportunity to prove themselves – in our experience this is an exceptionally strong motivator.

    As a jobactive provider we have an expectation on ourselves to provide quality services to job seekers and employers. NORTEC will support you and your successful candidate to ensure both your needs are met.

    The benefit to using our jobactive service is that if one of our jobactive placements does not work out for you, in the same way that can happen via any recruitment method, then you will not have spent a cent as we do the short listing and screening of suitable candidates for you. We deliver services to more than 25,000 people each year, which gives us the ability to present other worthy candidates for your consideration.

    Engage with us as early as possible.

    If we understand your upcoming workflow, we can begin our process early and work with you to support your growing demand for staff. With enough notice, we can train candidates who may not exactly meet your initial requirements, and, in most instances, we can even pay for the training.