Expanding Digital Reach: Sunkissed Tales’ Digital Strategy Implementation


Sunkissed Tales, an established online retailer in the handbag industry, aimed to transform its business by amplifying its digital presence. The brand encapsulates luxury and narrative-driven merchandise, intending to intertwine tales with their unique products.



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While Sunkissed Tales had a foundational knowledge of business and a strong product line, navigating the complex digital landscape was a considerable challenge. The brand recognised the increasing importance of digital tools, including social media and SEO, in today’s online-centric business world. The inability to harness these tools efficiently risked the company being left behind in a fiercely competitive online retail sector.



To bridge the gap, the brand’s owner turned to NORTEC Business Connect for seminars to enhance her understanding of the digital domain. It was here she crossed paths with Clive Venning. Their collaboration led to a strategic three-month plan focused on leveraging Facebook for sales, marketing, and brand awareness. This plan is designed to maximise the brand’s online visibility and engagement, targeting a broader audience and driving increased sales.



While the implementation is still in its early stages, the partnership with Clive promises to usher Sunkissed Tales into a new digital era. The brand anticipates a robust digital footprint, surges in online sales, enhanced brand recognition, and an established online identity that resonates with its target audience.





Sunkissed Tales’ journey is emblematic of many modern businesses — possessing foundational expertise but needing guidance in the rapidly evolving digital space. Through proactive learning and expert collaboration, companies can navigate digital challenges, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant in the modern business landscape.

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