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Expanding Australian Piano Supply’s Horizon: A Venture into the European Market


In July 2021, an ambitious piano tuner/technician in Coffs Harbour decided to step into the realm of piano retailing, marking the birth of the renowned Piano Harbour. But the journey didn’t stop there; an innovative brainchild in the form of an online piano accessory business was soon added to the mix, catering specifically to piano technicians.



At the heart of this entrepreneurial venture was a quest to streamline and enhance the piano tuning process. Tony Coiffet, the founder, envisioned an innovative tool that would revolutionise the tuning process – ‘La Guillotine’, a meticulously designed felt cutter. This product, unparalleled in its efficiency and innovation, had the potential to create ripples in the global marketplace. The challenge, however, was to introduce it on a global scale, ensuring it received the attention and acclaim it deserved.



Realising the potential of this groundbreaking tool, Tony sought the expertise of  NORTEC Business Connect. Over a span of two years, their collaboration saw the metamorphosis of a sole trading piano tuning venture into a global business comprising Piano Harbour and Australia Piano Supply (APS).

Australia Piano Supply was more than just a wholesale business. It was envisioned as a hub to equip piano technicians and industry professionals with premium tools and materials in the Pacific. Notably, this platform became the launchpad for the avant-garde ‘La Guillotine’.

Their strategy was holistic. Recognising the global potential of the tool, Australia Piano Supply decided to spearhead its launch in Europe. This move was not just to tap into the European market but also to bolster the brand’s standing in its native Australia. To this end, NORTEC’s Business Connect Advisor leveraged his expertise to help Tony Coiffet navigate the nuances of Export Development Market Grants and refine their marketing blueprint.



Tony Coiffet’s venture into the European market was nothing short of spectacular. His participation in the Euro Piano Congress, a triennial event held in Warsaw, marked the inaugural launch of Australia Piano Supply. The reception exceeded all expectations – the stock sold out, rave reviews poured in, and the venture inked distributorship deals in Europe, with negotiations underway in the USA and Canada.

Their presence at the Congress proved invaluable. Eighteen European associations of Piano Tuners and Technicians were introduced to ‘La Guillotine’, and the accolades were unanimous. The tool was hailed as “flawless” and “awesome”. Additionally, the National Superior Conservatorium of Music in Paris (CSNM) and esteemed piano museums expressed interest in other products from the ‘Australia Piano Supply’ catalogue. Moreover, the European Technical Institute for Musical Trades (ITEMM) expressed keen interest in their future endeavours.

The Congress not only bolstered their brand image but also paved the way for future appearances at European trade shows, solidifying their international standing.



Tony Coiffet, reflecting from France, encapsulates his journey eloquently: “Unique selling propositions, fast-paced growth, adaptive business plans, and relentless drive have positioned a humble company from Coffs Harbour on the global map. This remarkable journey was orchestrated with the invaluable guidance of NORTEC’s esteemed Business Connect advisor, to whom I owe an immense debt of gratitude.”

This case study underscores the transformative power of innovation, strategic planning, and expert guidance. From a local piano tuner to an international business magnate, Tony Coiffet’s journey with Australia Piano Supply is a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.

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