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Enhancing Digital Footprint and Membership Growth: A Strategic Turnaround at Rachel Zinman Yoga


Rachel Zinman Yoga is a prominent entity in the world of yoga, helmed by Rachel Zinman, a seasoned practitioner with over three decades of experience. With a passion for teaching and an impressive range of services offered both online and in-person, the business has carved a niche for itself in the health and wellness sector. The business delves deep into the holistic practice of yoga, offering classes, workshops, retreats, and training programs designed meticulously to guide both teachers and practitioners to a profound understanding of the self.



While Rachel Zinman Yoga has a robust offline presence and a dedicated following, there was a palpable struggle when it came to their online membership program. A decline in membership, primarily attributed to pricing concerns and workload issues, became a pressing concern. The challenge was twofold – first, to effectively communicate the unique value proposition of the online ashram and second, to refine the membership services to ensure optimum returns without an overwhelming workload.




NORTEC’s Business Connect Advisor was pivotal in addressing these challenges. The approach was systematic:

  • Assessment of Membership Structure: A thorough review of the existing membership structure was undertaken to understand its strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Refinement of Value Proposition: The marketing language was overhauled to highlight the transformative experiences that members could expect, focusing on the unique benefits of the online ashram.
  • Strategic Marketing Approach: Leveraging a strategic marketing funnel and digital marketing techniques, the business worked on reaching its target audience more effectively.
  • Streamlining Membership Services: A re-evaluation of the services offered was conducted, ensuring high-quality content delivery while maintaining a manageable workload.
  • Monitoring and Feedback: Post the implementation of changes, the results were monitored to assess the effectiveness of the modifications and make further adjustments if needed.



The advisory and strategic changes are leading to:

  • Increased Exposure: The strategic marketing campaigns have successfully expanded Rachel Zinman Yoga’s reach, generating a buzz in the target demographic.
  • Membership Growth: With seven sign-ups in the month of May alone, the business is witnessing a positive trajectory in its membership growth.
  • Service Expansion: The introduction of a six-month mentorship program attracted individuals, showcasing the success of diversified offerings.
  • Affiliate Program Development: By drafting an affiliate package for past students, the business aims to harness the power of referrals for future growth.
  • Marketing Blueprint: Crafting a marketing plan indicates the forward-thinking approach of Rachel Zinman Yoga to ensure sustained growth.



With the strategic help from NORTEC Business Connect, Rachel Zinman Yoga is making strong strides in improving its online presence. Kathie’s step-by-step approach helped refine the business’s marketing and services, placing Rachel Zinman Yoga in a better spot within the crowded online yoga space. The smart changes made under NORTEC’s guidance have set the business on a positive path for gaining more members and offering a wider range of services. This teamwork showcases how expert advice can significantly enhance a business’s journey towards better visibility and growth.


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