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Indigenous Engagement

NORTEC are leaders in engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

NORTEC has demonstrated experience and established relationships with communities across South-East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Supported by an Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, an Indigenous Participation Plan and resources dedicated to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business development and sustainable employment, NORTEC deeply appreciates and respects the culture, knowledge and skills of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples we work with and alongside, forging genuine relationships together to deepen connections and partnerships supporting self-determination.

NORTEC Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2024

NORTEC is one of over 1100 corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations supporting Reconciliation Australia’s vision of fostering consultation and collaboration between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities through organizational empowerment.

We deliver culturally aware industry-leading services and support to businesses, employers and job seekers through a leadership supported workforce enabled to increase understanding working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

Supported by a RAP Working Group of internal and external Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and others, NORTEC’s Innovate RAP 2022 – 2024 strengthens our capability and capacity to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to create positive change in the communities we serve through enhanced service delivery.

To view our RAP in full, click here.

NORTEC Indigenous Participation Plan 2022 – 2025

Underpinned by our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2022 – 2024 objectives, NORTEC has a strong and demonstrated commitment to work alongside Indigenous peoples and suppliers with industry experience, knowledge and capability required to deliver service that reflects the diversity of customers and communities NORTEC serves.

NORTEC has over time established itself within networks and developed partnerships through diverse employment and business development opportunities supporting Indigenous employment and economic development.

NORTEC recognizes that inclusive employment and supply chains connected to Indigenous peoples and business contributes to broader social, cultural, and economic development, participation and outcomes for Australia.

Through our Indigenous Participation Plan, we will:

  • Support economic growth of Indigenous businesses through supporting NORTEC’s service delivery, through awarding of contracts to Indigenous contractors and suppliers.
  • Create a supply chain that contributes to enhancing NORTEC’s service delivery through cultural capability development, creating sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples.
  • Value-add to NORTEC’s continuous improvement approach, ensuring genuine and culturally appropriate engagement practices are refined and implemented.

We will continue to grow networks and engagement with Indigenous suppliers  to support successful and sustainable Indigenous employment and business growth.

Community Initiatives

We enable our community partners.

We support community groups, organisations and businesses whose work aligns with our purpose to support disadvantaged and the unemployed into sustainable employment in our community.

In-kind service provision and financial contributions toward projects, programs and initiatives enables us to connect and collaborate with social and employer partners in our community supporting people into work.

Grounds design

About the Artwork

NORTEC ‘Grounds’

Christine Slabb inspired by community, culture and the environment, was commissioned by NORTEC in 2017 to create a visual story depicting NORTEC’s purpose for use across diverse communication platforms.


‘Grounds’ means ‘factors forming basis for action’. Key image elements include environment, diversity and balance. Together, these elements form strong ties, with true action enabled when their value is understood. Our action is our responsibility, to contribute meaningfully and to be resourceful.

“The ground is an important factor in Aboriginal culture. Everything is built from the ground up. NORTEC gives people tools to do things to accomplish anything with the right requirements to become successful.

NORTEC provides the right foundations to help people to grow to move beyond training and development”. Christine Slabb (October 2017)

About the Artist

Christine Slabb is a Bundjalung/Yugambeh artist and graphic designer whose ties to both regions that cover our footprint are strong and reflected in her designs and artwork. Christine is based in the Tweed in the small coastal town of Fingal Head. Her inspiration comes from the local environment she is connected to. Her career has seen her collaborate with many businesses, sporting teams, Government agencies and many community projects. View more of Christine’s work on christineslabbdesigns.com