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A Fresh Start With Nortec

After struggling with the traditional school system, Breclan Ng discovered NORTEC’s SEE Program, finding this path to higher education and a newfound passion for his work.

Breclan came to NORTEC as an early school leaver, disengaged and disillusioned with the school system. After talking to the training team, it was suggested he take part in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program.

Facilitated by the Australian government, the SEE Program was created to provide training in a number of key areas, including reading, writing, maths, and computer skills. The aim of the program is to give its participants the support and skillset they need to enter the workforce or higher education. Having not enjoyed traditional schooling, Breclan benefited from the more tailored learning and support offered by NORTEC through the SEE Program.

Not only was Breclan able to broaden his knowledge, but he was able to work alongside other students from diverse backgrounds in an inclusive setting. “I liked that the set up was different from school, and everyone attending could work to our own schedules and get our certificates completed,” says Breclan.

The SEE Program creates a tailored vocational training and employment plan, focused on entry level digital literacy and employability skills. Its key benefits include the ability to work in small groups, a relaxed and friendly learning environment, and having access to NORTEC’s qualified trainers that offer direct support.

Through this support and one-on-one mentoring, Breclan was able to use his learning and experience to develop core skills sought by employers. This includes working to a routine and working independently.

When comparing his experience of the SEE Program to his learning in high school, Breclan credits the program for his ability to work through the content at his own pace, and receive support when he needed it. “The main difference for the program compared to school was that there was no limit to when I had to get my work done, so I could fit this in around other things I had going on,” says Breclan.

Following the completion of his Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways with NORTEC’s SEE Program, Breclan went on to commence further study with a Certificate III in Hospitality with a training provider.

Now working in the industry with two qualifications under his belt, Breclan plans to continue learning in line with his aim to become a qualified chef. “My goal is to become a fully qualified chef working in a restaurant. The qualifications I’ve done so far have got me to this point, and now I can focus on the next step to get me to where I want to be,” says Breclan.

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