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4 Seasonal Job Options You Might Not Have Considered

There are many seasonal job options available across Australia for non-native English speakers and those who have recently migrated to Australia. Whether it’s for a casual role or a pathway to a full-time position, seasonal jobs have the potential to open up further opportunities, such as new career options and networking relationships, while giving you plenty of experience and skills in the meantime.

Here are our top suggestions for seasonal job options that can be discovered year-round.


two hospitality employers in a restaurant



This is an excellent field to be in if you prefer a flexible employment option. Most hospitality workplaces offer casual availability, so you don’t need to be restricted by the traditional 9-5 work day. Hospitality also comes with many different choices of environment, such as restaurants, cafes, and both large and small businesses. If you find joy in putting a smile on someone’s face and being amongst people all day, a role in hospitality is right up your alley.


Early Learning

If you love working with children, caring for others, and positively shaping future minds, the Early Learning field is perfect. You can work with children in a daycare setting during peak school holiday periods for more variety in your days or alternatively as an au pair if you find that more suitable. Just make sure you have your Working With Children (Blue Card) check, a requirement in Australia.


Tourism & Hotels

In Australia, the tourism industry is huge. There are a variety of jobs that you may find interesting, including working as a receptionist, cleaner, caterer, and many more. This is particularly appealing for those who enjoy working in a variety of environments as either casual or full-time employees. You can switch it up at any time and bring your past skills with you while experiencing the wonderful tourism industry of Australia.


young woman harvesting on a farm Australia



Farms are always looking for a helping hand, especially seasonal workers during their peak harvesting seasons. Many farms may also offer on-site accommodation as a bonus. 

Farms are Australia-wide, and it’s often easy to get accepted when they’re expecting a big harvest. This can also help you gain a second-year visa, and you get to work alongside other travellers in a hands-on environment. Farmwork roles tick many boxes, including teamwork and being outdoors.


What skills do you need?

While you may obtain specific skills throughout your career and past experiences, you will always need a good level of basic language, reading, writing, and maths for all roles. If you aren’t fluent in English, you might need to work on these skills to be accepted into particular roles and to understand their importance in the workplace.

These foundational skills are extremely important but don’t forget that confidence is also necessary for presenting yourself to employees and developing a good work ethic. You can also take a look at our “Top Skills You Need For Employment” article to learn more about this topic.


The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program supports you

It’s easy to feel nervous or pressured if you don’t think you have the necessary skills for career growth or if you are unable to get a job. We highly recommend participating in the SEE Program with NORTEC if you’re looking for ways to reskill or upskill, and gain the confidence you need to succeed.


young person working at computer


How it works

If you need training in language, literacy, numeracy, and digital skills, the SEE Program was designed exactly for that. This is the Australian Government’s primary program to help people just like you. Whether you are mature-aged, disabled, in your youth, or have a culturally diverse background, this program caters to all eligible job seekers.

The accredited trainers of the SEE Program are ready to help you improve core skills with helpful learning options that offer different locations and timeframes that are most convenient for you.

NORTEC Recruitment Solutions can also refer you to suitable employers or additional training options once you’ve completed the program to help further your success.


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