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4 Career Pathways To Help Find Your Future

Deciding what you want to do after your school years is no easy feat. It’s a scary topic, but with the right support and guidance young adults can find a career pathway to set up a future for success.

Young adults usually start to consider their career pathways during high school, and often feel pressured to plan their entire future around one career path, especially when other options are available.

The typical high school environment is not suitable for everyone. Many will struggle to learn without personalised study options or support, and students may fail to find a pathway they are passionate about. This may then create major uncertainty about where to look for further education or employment options.

If you’re stuck with the “what” and “where” of your future after school, there are plenty of career pathways that can lead you in the right direction.

1. Building & Construction

Do you enjoy working with your hands and with a close-knit team? The building and construction industry offers an excellent environment for a hands-on physical career. While it may be challenging, it’s a pathway that anyone can feel proud of.

A career in the building and construction industry often begins as an apprentice or trainee, and you can work your way up the ranks after gaining experience. This could lead to roles with more responsibility in the future, such as supervising and management positions.

2. Community Services

If helping people day-to-day is what gets you up in the morning, a career in community services provides the perfect way to do so. Whether it’s working with disadvantaged people as a youth or disability worker, this career is a great choice if you love working with others to make a positive difference in the community.

Using your key skills such as empathy, patience, understanding and care, you will be able to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures everyday. Working in community services will make every day of your life full of meaning, with no day being the same as the day before.

3. Hospitality 

If you don’t particularly enjoy a locked work schedule, a career in hospitality is a great choice. It offers flexible employment options, often with casual availability for those who might lead a busy life or have ever-changing schedules 

In the hospitality field, there’s a lot of freedom in choosing where you want to work, particularly as it’s such an in-demand industry. You can also choose to work at the front of house (serving, handling payments or managing customers) or back of house (cooking, cleaning or answering calls).

4. Early Learning

One of the greatest benefits of a career in early learning is the difference you make in the children’s lives. Children are the next generation, so it’s important to shape their minds and optimise their learning for the future.

The early learning career pathway doesn’t necessarily involve working exclusively in daycare centres. Instead, it emphasises working with children and caring for their early needs while reinforcing proper learning curves that positively impact their future.


Discover Your Passion

Regardless of the career pathway that you decide on, the SEE Program provides you with essential base-level skills to help you discover your passion, including literacy, language, numeracy, and digital skills. Ultimately, our goal is to help you realise your dream and make it a reality with less struggle along the way.

The SEE Program can also connect you with further study or employment options through our Recruitment Solutions services, helping you continue your journey right after completing the program.